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  • Welcome to the 8th Grade Yellow Team Social Studies website. My name is Mr. Flaherty.

    This is a World History survey course with units including the study of ancient cultures and civilizations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, with a particular focus on the Middle Ages period. We also take a close look at the historical influence of other factors such as the role of religion, trade, technology and global exploration.

    In addition to taking regular tests and quizzes, students will be expected to collaborate with other students on creative assignments and work in small groups. Written assignments this year will include essays, open-response practice and a research paper toward the end of the year.

    All assignments are posted daily in the Aspen X2 portal which I would encourage you to check on a regular basis. Students are allowed to complete make-up work within a reasonable time frame. I am free to stay afterschool most days provided I am given advance notice.