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  • Welcome to the Amesbury Middle School Art Home page.  



          In the following paragraphs I will tell you a little bit about myself and the AMS Art Program.

      I began my teaching career as the art teacher at the Amesbury Elementary School.  After teaching for twelve years teaching K-4 at AES I joined the AMS team and became one of two art teachers here. I have teaching at Art at AMS for the last 7 years.   

            I have found that teaching art and creating art is a great combination.  I received my master's degree in art education from the Massachusetts College Art and Design's, Artist /Teacher Program.  Since my graduation from that program I have shown my own art in several art shows in the Boston Area.  My own work is both abstract as well as conceptual. 

           As of late my interest in teaching art has drawn me to deeper study in museums as well as travel.  I believe in encouraging the students at AMS to use art class to make connections with history, science, language arts, mathematics and their own immediate world.  Visual art can be a form of expression as well as a learning tool used to gain greater understanding.    

         I believe that the art program that Mr. Jackson and I offer includes in the best of all aspects of art and education.  Through a variety of studio experiences,games, lectures and writing/research requirements our program has something to reach every type of learner.  It is a very student centered art program.  Please visit the slideshows that are on this website to see student work.  We try to keep the website current by uploading a sampler of each major studio project.