Grade 6

  • Hello and welcome to our Sixth Grade website!  We have many exciting and interesting things planned for this school year. 

    We are planning several guest speakers for this year:

    Paulette Morin, The "Egypt Lady", will provide you with fascinating tales of ancient Egypt.  Some of you will get to wear some Egyptian jewelry and headdresses!

    Chariots of the Sun:  A story teller that acts out and interprets Greek mythological tales.

    Greek Day:  A day of fun as we celebrate the Greek Olympics with several mock athletic events, academic competitions, Greek theater, with a culminating feast that features some traditional Greek food.

    Museum of Science Field Trip:  Our goal is to visit the MOS during the spring.  We may visit the exhibits, or we may attend an Omni Theater/Planetarium presentation.

    Museum of Fine Arts Field Trip:  We are planning this trip for some time in March.  We will focus on Greek and Egyptian art.

    "Beach" Field Trip:  A Mrs. Regis tradition, we hope to re-visit Plum Island to learn about some aspects of our coast, including weathering, erosion, and glacial features of the area.  If time permits, we may visit the tide pools to find all sorts of sea creatures.

    Park Day:  This end of the year trip allows us to have a final chance at fun, as we participate in what might be called a 5 hour long recess.  We hope we can fit this in, as the weather must cooperate!

    Student Blog:

    Visit the blog of a Red Team Student who is visiting India for the first 1/2 of the school year.  Share in her adventures and respond to her with your own comments!  See Ms. Cooney about the password to the blog.

    We hope you have a great year!

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