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Special Education Support During School Closure


As your child's special education case manager I wanted to reach out to families to address any special education related questions or concerns. The teachers at AIHS are working to shift our curriculum to remote learning which we expect will provide challenges to those with disabilities. Evan and I are looking at the different ways we can support students through collaborative documents, Google classroom, and video chat sessions. Any feedback you can give us about how your child is working under these new circumstances would be helpful. We will do our best to make adjustments to meet their needs. 
On another note IEPs that are in process or upcoming will be pushed back once we begin school again. Fortunately, most of the IEP meetings on my caseload have already taken place this year. If you have documents you would like to return you can send them to the central office at 5 Highland St. Again I am available via email to address any concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay healthy!
Mike Hildt