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Feb 13 - Press Release from Superintendent McAndrews

Dear Families,
I have attached the official press release to this message. However, I wanted you to hear from me how proud I am of our students and staff today.  They followed our protocols incredibly well and understood the seriousness of it all.  I know this was incredibly frightening and anxiety provoking for all of us, but I am reassured by both the speed of arrival and the skill of the first responders who arrived at Amesbury High School as well as the support from the surrounding communities, the State Police, and NEMLEC (Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council).  I am also appreciative of all of you for how you responded to today's challenge.  Thank you for respecting the boundaries and allowing the police and school personnel to do their jobs.  Please know that we will have resources available for both students and staff should they need the additional support moving forward.  Do not hesitate to reach out if there is any way we can support your child.
Again, thank you for your trust and support today.  We make a good team.