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Interesting Info from Nurse Kristen

Hello to all my fellow students and families! 
Welcome to a new school year!  I hope it is filled with excitement and wonder as you travel through your new paths of learning.  I will once again be sharing health information: some fun, some interactive but most importantly with up to date information that I hope will guide you through this new adventure in education and staying healthy.  Please reach out for questions, concerns or if in need of assistance.   SEE BELOW FOR LINKS AND INFORMATION.
Nurse Kristen
Kristen Lynch BSN RN NCSN                                                               Respiratory Symptoms Chart                       Cloth Face Covering  
978-388-3659 x116                                                                            Children with Special Needs                         Book about Masks                                                          Food Allergies
To see past links and extra information, please visit Nurse Kristens home page: Here!
Kristen Lynch