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Room 113 Project

Room 113 Project Room 113 Project The students in Room 113 have been working hard in the building all week! We are working on a community engagement project since we are not socializing as much in person or in stores as we normally would.

 We started today by painting rocks (thank you Becky!) Next week we will be walking around Amesbury (using Google map skills and direction skills) to hide them around town! The hope is that when people find these while out on a walk it will bring a little bit of hope and happiness to them! We started an Instagram account for people to follow our journey and to be able to tag us when they find one!

 We are learning about appropriate social media use, community engagement and safety, directional and map skills and a little bit of fun here and there!

 Be sure to follow our journey and progress @rockingaroundamesbury

Sarah Luz and the 113 Gang