AHS All-Sports Boosters

  • The Amesbury High School All-Sports Boosters Welcome You!

    The AHS All-Sports Boosters Club is an independent, non-profit, non-political organization that provides support to all athletic clubs and athletic programs at the high school level.

    • Club meetings are  held the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the AHS Conference Room (Bank Room) in the front Lobby.
    • The goal of this club is to help all AHS Athletes have an excellent experience with AHS Athletics. We help manage the funds raised by the various teams which goes to pay for items not covered by the Athletic Department budget.
    • In addition to providing up to four $500 scholarships each year, the club provides student athletes with varsity letters, lettermen blankets, trophies, AHS Athletics sweatshirts, as well as other financial support.

              CLUB OFFICERS:

    President: Melanie Manseau

    Vice President: Susan Burrows

    Treasurer: Sharon McAfee, CPA

    Secretary: Marion Frost

    Fundraising: Kim Heidt

    Public Relations Manager: Janine O'Donnell

    At-Large Members:  Sue Cronin, Anne Baxter & Staci Doherty

    Contact Us:

    Email: info@amesburyboosters.com

    Facebook.com/Amesbury High School All-Sports Boosters Club

    Twitter @amesburybooster

    On-Line: www.amesburyboosters.com

    Parents, coaches, teachers, and other community members:  if you have the desire to help Amesbury athletics, we welcome you!

    Go Amesbury!

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