If you have a problem, question, or concern, it is important that you clearly communicate this to the person most closely involved with the situation. For more information please refer to APS Policy KE – Chain of Communication for Parent/Guardian at the end of this handbook.  



    In an effort to best meet every child's educational needs, the school has had a long history of integrating students with special needs into regular education classrooms.  Special Education services, then, are provided by classroom teachers and by special education teachers, tutors, and aides. The amount of integration for each child is determined by their specific needs and characteristics, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 766 of the Massachusetts General Laws.



    To keep parents fully informed about the progress of their children, the schools send home report cards during the year. This year’s dates are: Report Cards, Dec. 6; March 21; June 15. If you ever have a question about your child's progress, contact your child's teacher to set up an appointment to discuss this.



    As part of the Massachusetts Education Reform Act, each school has developed a school council. This representative group is comprised of four teachers, one non-teaching school staff member, five parents with children in the School, and two members of the community who do not have children at the school. They are an advisory group which, with the principal, have the responsibilities of identifying educational needs of our students, developing educational goals for the school, formulating a School Improvement Plan, and reviewing the annual school budget. All meetings are open to the public.

    Each council member serves a two-year term. Parent representatives are elected at the Fall P.T.O. Information Night; staff representatives are elected in the fall. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the council should speak with the principal.



    The schools are extremely fortunate to have many people in the community who are willing to share their time and talents with students and teachers in school. Some adults read with students, others help students practice skills such as computation, and still others share with student’s special talents such as quilting.  If you would like to volunteer your time and work with students in the school, please contact the school office, which will put you in touch with the volunteer coordinator.  All volunteers will be required to complete a CORI form prior to volunteering.  Chaperones on field trips also need to complete a CORI form.

    The students and school will both be better as a result of your efforts. 

    Just a reminder that the volunteer/visitor sign in book is not for going to classrooms to give lunch money, library books, sneakers for gym, snacks, etc.   We ask that you please inform one of the secretaries and your child will be called to the office.