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District Technology Committee

The school district is establishing an Educational Technology Committee in order to:

  • Evaluate our current technology capacity, programming and needs; assess the impact of technologies on the mission of our district
  • Identify future technology needs (long range budgeting)
  • Establish a cycle for replenishment of technology; input on IT expenditures in the district
  • Review technology curriculum development/course offerings and defines technology standards and expectations across content areas at each grade level
  • Create a technology professional development plan that acknowledges the range of needs of our staff and aligns with any future technology purchases or implementation
  • Forecasts staffing needs that are in alignment with maintaining current equipment/projected equipment purchases and refines the various roles required to appropriately support both the technology repair/deployment and instructional technology support for our staff
  • Researches one-one initiative implementation and makes a recommendation to the superintendent and school committee regarding any potential transition
  • Analyzes current policies and procedures and makes recommendations for any changes to ensure appropriate access to technology by students and staff

 This Educational Technology Committee’s overarching goal will be to identify priorities for the use of educational technologies that support the teaching and learning environments in Amesbury, which is in alignment with our third strategic objective from the District Strategic Plan. The committee is an opportunity for key stakeholders across the community to work together to create a robust and sustainable educational technology environment.


  • The Educational Technology Committee will meet once each month to discuss and make decisions relating to the topics identified above. Urgent issues may be dealt with via email or additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. Membership requires personal attendance. No substitutes will be permitted in place of formal committee members. Staff members that participate will receive PDPs for their involvement.  Students will receive credit hours towards community service.

Membership may include:

  • Technology Staff Member(s)
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Instructional Technology Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Central Office Staff (Director of Teaching and Learning)
  • School Committee
  • Community Representation
  • Student(s)

If interested, please send an email expressing your interest  to Heather McGhee ( ) by Friday, April 27th @ 2:00 pm.