About Amesbury Middle School

  • Welcome to the community of Amesbury.  Amesbury is a vibrant small city that also has a rural feel.  Located in Essex County, Massachusetts it is 40 miles north of Boston and is along the left bank of the Merrimack River. A former farming and mill town Amesbury today is largely residential with a population between 16,000-17,000.  Amesbury is one of two northern most towns that border the state of New Hampshire and is close to New Hampshire and Massachusetts beaches.  The community places a high value on education and its schools.

     In September 1998, the middle school renovation and expansion project was completed. The project saw the construction of a new wing to house the 5th and 6th grades, the administration, computer labs, library and a performance center. The rear classroom wing was removed and a new 7th and 8th grade wing was built in its place. The center of the building was renovated and brought up to current building codes, creating new classrooms out of the old art room, a new art suite in the old library main office, expanding the old cafetorium to a regular cafeteria, expanded music facilities, and generally modernized the building. Since the completion of the project the school remains in great condition due to the commitment of students, staff, support staff, and community members in ensuring that this learning environment be maintained for middle level students well into the future.

     Amesbury Middle School is a 5-8 middle school with approximately 680 students, and is unconditionally committed to the educational growth and progress of every student.  The community of Amesbury is a socio-economical diverse community. The district offers an extensive staff development program that lays the foundation for teachers to implement best practices, such as standard-based education, differentiated instruction, and reading and writing across all disciplines. The Amesbury Middle School Achievement Plan, maintains a school focus on learning through research, best practices in teaching, and data driven decisions.  Amesbury Middle School is committed to meeting the goals and objectives for our students through our dedication towards developing high functioning teaching teams, flexible scheduling, tiered support services, and fostering a professional learning atmosphere within our school community.  Amesbury Middle School has been recognized for its work in regards to its use of “Accountable Talk” to help promote speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in all content areas.  Educators from around the North Shore of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Houston, Texas have visited the school to learn about these practices. In addition, we have a strong community support system from our Parent Advisory Group, as well as, our Amesbury Educational Foundation. 

     In keeping with Middle School Philosophy, we provide an educational experience that is committed to developing the whole adolescent.  We have an excellent music and arts program that fosters creativity.  Our middle school community provides students with an excellent education and wide range of after school clubs and activities for all students.