Kindergarten Sight Words

  • Sight Words

    (from Scott Foreman/Reading Street)


    Sept.-January                                February-June

    I          my                                     they         four

    am       like                                    you          five

    the       he                                     of             here

    little     for                                     are           go

    to        me                                     that          from

    a         with                                    do           yellow

    have    she                                     one         green

    is         see                                     two         blue

    we       look                                    three       what

                                                          was         said

    Extra Sight Words  

    (Cunningham words)  

    an                               dad                      no

    and                             dog                      off

    at                                it                         on

    can                              love                    put

    up                               yes                      cat

    mom                           stop