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     Lexia Core 5 Log in Information

    Lexia Core5 Reading can be used at home for extra practice. Getting started is easy!
    1. To use on a computer, go to www.lexiacore5.com
    2. To use on an iPad, download the free Lexia Core5 Reading app from the App Store. (iPad support is limited to these devices: iPad 4+, iPad Mini 3+, iPad Air+, and iPad Pro.) 
    3. The first time your child uses Core5, you may need to enter the teacher email shown below. Your child can then log in with the username and password used at school and listed below. 
    Teacher Email (for setup): duperel@amesburyma.gov
    Username: __________________________________________________ Password: __________________________________________________
    * If your child cannot recall his/her username or password contact Lisa Dupere at lisa.dupere@amesburyma.org.
     4. It is important that your child works without any help while using Core5. All of the work your child does at home is recorded and reported to the school. This way, teachers can see when help is needed and provide additional instruction at school. 5. If you have a question about your child’s username or password, please contact your child’s teacher.


  • Welcome to Mrs. Dupere's Literacy Page

    Amesbury Elementary School

     Contact Information: email: Lisa.Dupere@Amesburyma.org


    Welcome to Mrs. Dupere’s Literacy Page!

    The purpose of this site is to provide teachers, students and parents with helpful resources to support their children in becoming successful readers and writers. Please be sure to check out the links on this page. The student links provide students with many fun and engaging activities that allow them to practice the skills and strategies they are learning in the classroom. The parent resources provide parents with tips on how to motivate and encourage their young readers. Lastly, the teacher links provides teachers with resources to support the reading curriculum such as, power point presentations, online games, and center activities

     TITLE I

     The goals of the Title I program at both Amesbury Elementary School & Charles C. Cashman Elementary School is to involve parents in their child’s educations.  Research supports that engaging families in education is essential to student success. Title I is a Federal Program that provides funding for supplemental services. All K-4 students are assessed using baseline tests in reading and math. From these results we develop a rank ordered eligibility listing. With that in mind we propose to:

    • Support the District/Title I Parent Involvement Policy adopted by the School Committee on January 18, 2005.
    • In writing inform all parents/guardians of children identified for participation in the Title I program of their child’s eligibility.  Notify parent(s)/guardian in writing when a student is exited from the program with details as to why.
    • A Title I Open House will be held at the beginning of each school year to inform parents about the program, assessments, and the curriculum.
    • An individual conference will be held with parents, title I staff, and the classroom teacher to discuss the School/Parent compact which outlines teacher, student, and parent responsibilities.
    • Progress reports will be provided 2/3 times during the school year (at report card time) to inform parents of student progress. 
    • Parent trainings and workshops will be offered throughout the school year.  Parents will have the opportunity to learn how to help their child at home.  Communication will be ongoing and may include:  newsletters, phone calls, and other notices sent via the children for attendance at parent/family literacy events.
    • An Advisory Committee will meet at least three times per year.  This committee will include parents of Title I students, Title I staff, classroom teachers, and school principals.  This committee will meet for the purpose of on-going program planning and evaluation.
    • In order to foster parent involvement Title I parents will be able to checkout a variety of materials from the Parent Resource Library located in the school for use at home.  These resources may include videos, books, math manipulative, and other materials aimed at building math and reading skills. 

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