Amesbury Middle School


  • Teams Guarantee Successful Children

     Organization and Structure

    Grades 5 – 8 = 679 Students = Average Class Size of 21

    2 Assistant Principals; 2 Guidance Counselors Counselor; Looping Model; 1School Adjustment Counselor

    Flexible 6 Day Rotating Schedule – Each Grade creates its Own Scheduling Matrix

    ELA – Reading - Math – Science – Social Studies – Spanish Level I (Gr. 7& 8 Only)

    Exploratory Subjects:  Art – Band – Chorus – ½ Computer – Health - Performing Arts - Physical Education – ½ Technology Education

    ½ Time ESL Teacher

    Heterogeneous Grouping in All Classes

    Flexible Grouping Strategies Encouraged

     Teacher Teams

    2 Teams of 4 teachers at Grades 5-8

    Team Meeting Times -6 per month

    Common Planning Times within 6 day cycle

    Curriculum Planning Times (CPT) within 6 day cycle 3-4 per month

     Focus on Inclusion Practices

    2 Special Education teachers for grades 5 & 6 for small group and inclusion models

    2 Special education Teachers for grades 7 & 8 for small group and inclusion models

    Small Group Special Education Services for Social Studies and Science

    Paraprofessionals Service Students in the Classroom

    Grades 5 -8 Learning Center

    ASD Program

    Gold Team - Multi-Grade (5-8)/Student Support Center

    Building Based Special Educator Facilitator

     School Culture and Environment

    Building Based Scheduling Committee

    Teacher Teams Work Together To Enhance a Spirit of Grade Level Collegiality

    School Ambiance Focused On Student-Centered and Creates a Climate for Learning

    Extracurricular Activities are Inclusive and Encourage Participation for All

    Student Support Groups Established to Meet a Variety of Student Issues

    No Name Calling Week Established to Build Bullying Awareness within School Community

    Middle School Interact Club in partnership with community Rotary Club

     Effective School Practices

    C.A.R.E. Principals / Ascend To The Top Program

    School Achievement Plan Based on Data Driven Decision Making Practices

    Curriculum Enrichment Block Used to Remediate or Enrich Curriculum 3 Days within six day rotating Cycle

    Ongoing Efforts to Improve Student Achievement on MCAS Tests

    Professional Development that Focuses on Improving Instruction

    Use of UbD in Lesson and Unit Development in all content areas

    Library Media Center Works To Foster Collaborative Approach Towards A Balanced Literacy Culture

    Lexia/TOWRE 2 Progress Monitoring Tools

    NWEA MAP Assessment in Math and ELA Given Three Times a Year to Check on Student Growth and Progress

    Development of School Wide Response to Intervention Model

    Use of John Collins Writing Program, Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and Bloom’s Taxonomy to Develop Balanced Approach to Writing and Questioning Skills

    School Wide Commitment to Teaching and Modeling Literacy Strategies

    Accountable Talk Strategies 5-8

    Laboratory Based Classrooms Established Within the School for Peer Observation of Modeling and Teaching of Literacy Strategies

    Implementation Coach to Provide Teacher Support and Professional Development of Balanced Literacy Practices

    Science Inquiry Based Teaching Practices Implemented

    Boston College Educational Seismology Project in Grade 6 Science Classrooms 

    Strong Parent Advisory Group Cooperation, Involvement, and Support

    The School administration team is composed of a principal and two assistant principals.  A guidance counselor is teamed up with each assistant principal.  The assistant principal/counselor combination loop with their students which means they have these students over the four years they attend the school.   In addition, there is a full time school adjustment counselor. 

    Amesbury Middle School is a 5-8 school with 62 fulltime educators servicing 679 students.  Each grade level is divided into teams.  The fifth grade has two four member teams (ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science), sixth and seventh grades have two four member teams (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies/Geography), and eighth grade has two four member teams (ELA, Math, Science, World History).  The school schedule is a six day rotating schedule broken down into seven 58 minute periods.

     Curriculum Frameworks expects that all students be able to read a variety of different text in a deep and thoughtful manner in all disciplines which is necessary to strengthen critical thinking, comprehension, speaking, listening, vocabulary development, and writing skills.


    Art                                         Grades 5-8                                               

    Band                                      Grades 5-8

    Chorus                                   Grades 5-8                                               

    Computer                               Grades 5, 7, 8

    Exploratory Spanish                Grades 5, 6                                               

    French                                    Grade 8 only

    Health                                    Grades 5-8                                                 

    Industrial Technology               Grades 5, 7, 8 

    Physical Education                   Grades 5- 8                                               

    Reading                                  Grades 5, 6, 7

    Spanish I                                Grades 7, 8