About Me

  • About Me

    My name is Ms. Meridith Duca and I am pleased to be part of Amesbury's Special Education team! This year I will be working with third and fourth graders at our school.



    I have been teaching for over seven years now in special education, with a specific concentration on language and learning disabilities. After attending MGH-IHP and receiving a wealth of training at my previous place of employment, I have developed a vast "toolbox" of strategies, methodology, and cueing that I draw upon to ensure each student receives meaningful and individualized instruction.



    I am a very passionate animal person and have many pets. Did you know I wanted to be a vet before I fell in love with teaching?

    Loki and Mia are my two seven year old long-haired Dachshunds. Loki is very laid back and enjoys snuggling, while Mia is rambunctious and always on the go!

    Orion and Nova are my two young horses. I have been breeding, training, and riding horses for over 25 years and absolutely love it!

    Orion is a Dutch Warmblood cross who just turned 5 and is learning how to be a horse. He is very gentle and loving. Nova is a Friesian/Thoroughbred cross who is only 3 and just hangs out and goes on walks like a big puppy! This little guy is very fresh and sneaky!