• Dear First Grade Families,

    We want to thank you for your assistance, understanding, and cooperation that you have shown to us during this unique time.

          As you know, we are moving to a remote learning model.  A new part of that remote learning model will be the use of an online program called IXL.  IXL will be used in order to support our curriculum.  Teachers will be asking students to complete “starred” items first and then explore other choices.  Starred items are tasks that teachers have selected that directly align to our students’ learning.

        In order to support other parts of our remote learning model and communicate expectations clearly, we are going to send this list (seen below to you each week.  We will send this list as a first grade team. You can expect to see this activity list at the end of each week for the following week.

         Please understand that first graders are not expected to complete these activities all in one session or in any specific order. Lots of breaks and physical activity are encouraged.

      Keep up the good work!  We love seeing the pictures of the activities and work samples that students have been doing!  


                 Ms. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Tanzella, and Ms. Gillis



    1st Grade Remote Learning Daily Activities: These are things we want you to do each day.

    Practice / Explore:

    Online Resources: 

    • If your child has an online account such as Lexia  or Raz-Kids please make sure your child is spending 15-20 min. a day using 1 or both.

     Helping at Home:

    • Pick a chore each day:
      • make your bed, clean up your room (10 minutes), put away your dirty clothes, put away clean laundry, sweep, set the table, make a to-do-list, pack your lunch, pack your snack, etc. 


    • Read a book offline or online (EPIC, Raz-Kids, etc) for 15 minutes a day.
    • Read a non-fiction and fiction book by the end of the week.  


     Social Studies/Science:

    • Enjoy nature: try building a fairy house, comment on what you see outside your window, or talk to someone about how you notice some signs of spring.


    • Play.
    • Make your lunch two times this week.
    • Practice zipping your jacket, tying your shoes, buttoning your pants, and getting dressed by yourself.












    Welcome to First Grade!

    This the place to find information on curriculum and programming in Grade one.

    Language Arts: Reading Street (published by Pearson/Scott Foresman)

           Children learn to read by using good literature as a basis for daily lessons. Continuous practice builds decoding and sight word recognition skills which improve fluency. In first grade, children will participate in an integrated approach to learning reading and writing. Our program builds on a strong base of phonics, while using a variety of rich literature to teach literacy skills. 


    Mathematics: Everyday Math (published by Chicago Math)

    Throughout the year, your first grader will learn addition and subtraction facts through 10.  Math concepts introduced include time, measurement, money, fractions, probability and graphing. Problem solving strategies are emphasized throughout all the math concepts introduced. Manipulatives such as bears, blocks, coins, shapes, clocks and/or number lines are used daily.  



    Science and Social Studies: MA Curriculum Frameworks: site address http://www.doe.mass.edu/omste/ca.html

            We follow the frameworks that have been set by the state to see that children make adequate progress in Science.  This is done by integrating thematic science units throughout the year such as, seasons, outer space, ocean life, animal habitats and plants.  Our science instruction is primarily hands-on and interactive.




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