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    Hello Everyone!


    I hope you and your families had a wonderful summer and were able to read LOTS of books!

    We will have library class every week.  The schedule is listed below.


    Join me on the AES SPECIALISTS' WEBSITE   if there is any a time we have a remote learning day.


    I am looking forward to a great year!

     Mrs. Peg

    AES Librarian


    Weekly Schedule (2021-2022)

    Kindergarten:  Naughton (Tuesday)/ Curry (Wednesday) / Armstrong (Thursday)

    1st Grade: Casali (Monday)/ Nash (Tuesday)/ Kimball (Wednesday)/ Gonthier (Thursday)

    2nd Grade: Tanzella (Monday) / Fitzgerald (Thursday)/ Reese (Friday)

    3rd Grade: Ripley (Wednesday) / E. Elliott (Thursday)/ Pelletier (Friday)

    4th Grade: Ladd (Monday)/ M. Elliott (Tuesday) / Harney (Friday)