What is a Word Wall?

  • What is a Word Wall?

    A Word Wall is a large place to showcase sight words (words that are irregular and cannot be sounded out as well as words seen often in text).  The Word Wall is a place for children to access the sight words. It is alphabetical and has words written in different colors (for easy recognition). 

    We will be working to learn a small group of sight words throughout the kindergarten year.  This list of words will expand as your child goes onto each grade level.  We have a Word Wall in our classroom and will add each word as it is introduced.  We try to provide a tactile and kinesthetic approach to learning sight words.  You may hear your child talk about "letter aerobics," Wikki Stix, and "Word Detective" as they describe activities we do with our words.  All the activities promote a better understanding of how to search for, recognize and also read our word wall words. 

    Please see our Word Wall List page to find out the words your child will learn in Kindergarten!