Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment - Office of Teaching & Learning

  • Welcome to the Office of Teaching & Learning

    Director of Teaching & Learning
    Lyn A. Jacques
    Phone:  (978)388-0507
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    Central Office Secretary
    Carol Bartlett
    Phone:  (978)388-0507
    Fax:  (978)388-8315

    Amesbury Public School's Office of Teaching & Learning is responsible for a broad range of areas including:  curriculum and program review, instruction, assessment, professional development, grants, and home-school information.

    Amesbury Public School's philosophy and belief system is based on the expectation that every child is capable of learning and achieving academically.  This belief system is based on an integrated system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment--otherwise known as standards-based education.

    Different than the more traditional approach of comparing one student against another to measure academic achievement and growth, a standards-based approach measures a child's success against a mastery of standards.  Standards-based education is guided by three questions:
    •  What do we want children to know and be able to do?
    • How do we know that they know it?
    • How do we respond? (when they don't, or they already know it?)


    The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks are a guide of these standards.  The Frameworks are rigorous, world-class standards, but they are constantly evolving as well. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has created Pre-K-12th grade guides designed to help families understand what their children should know and be able to do at every grade level. These guides are available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

    Our commitment to parents is that we deliver clearly defined curriculum, the highest quality of instruction, and tiered interventions to support and ensure learning.  We encourage parents and guardians to become actively involved in your child's academic journey--we know it will be an exciting one.