How Do I Understand My Child's MCAS Results?

  • How Do I understand My Child's MCAS Results?

    You should receive your child's MCAS results during the week of October 12-19th.  For each test your child took in spring 2015, the report shows your child's Achievement Level (Advanced, Proficient, Needs Improvement, or Warning/Failing).  In addition, each child who participated in the English Language Art (ELA) or Mathematics tests in grades 4-8 or 10 in 2015, and who also took the prior MCAS tests in that subject, receives a Student Growth Percentile (SGP)score.  The SGP shows how your child's progress compares to the progress of other students in the same grade statewide who earned similar MCAS scores in previous years.  The report also provides information regarding how your child's performance compares to school, district, and state performance; how your child performed in different sub-content areas of the tests; and how your child did on individual test questions.

    If you have questions about your child's performance, please contact your child's teacher.  If you would like additional information, please contact: