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    The Amesbury Innovation High School is a small, alternative high school located in downtown Amesbury.  It is a fully accredited high school with enrollment of up to 50 students for grades 9 to 12. AIHS students meet local, state, and federal standards through a Common Core Standardized Curriculum. All graduating students earn a high school diploma. The school prides itself on individualizing instruction to maximize student progress and success. Aside from providing a rigorous academic curriculum, our highly qualified faculty is adept with differentiated learning, behavior management strategies and trauma-sensitive practices. As an innovation school AIHS provides enhanced programming in the areas of academics, therapeutic support, and vocational training.


    School Offerings

    Schedule Management

    • Flexible schedules
    • Remediation
    • Credit recovery
    • Integrated MCAS preparation

    Transition Assistance

    • Work study program
    • Internship opportunities
    • Community partnerships, including Pettengill House
    • Intensive college/career advising

    Academic Support

    • Small classes
    • Individual learning supports
    • Looped classes
    • Learning style groupings
    • 1:1 Technology with Google Classroom and Chromebooks

    Relationship Building

    • Familiar environment
    • Community activities
    • Trauma sensitive staff
    • Strong home/school link

    Social/Emotional Supports

    • Student Support Center
    • SEL curriculum
    • Consistent expectations
    • Social Learning Environment

    AIHS students are able to participate in many sports and extra-curricular activities through Amesbury High School.

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    Select the link below for a copy of the handbook or contact one of the following people:

    Eryn Maguire, Principal - maguiree@amesburyma.gov

    Bethany Noseworthy, Guidance Counselor - noseworthyb@amesburyma.gov

     Michael Hildt, Special Education - hildtm@amesburyma.gov