• AIHS focuses on hand-on, small-class-size experiences and individual learning plans which are used to drive personalized instruction. To assure the success of each student, the maximum class size is under 17 students. This allows staff to individualize instruction and give each student the support they need to succeed. There is additional support for students who need more emotional support during their school day as well.  Because AIHS is an accredited high school, students graduate with a high school diploma, equivalent to any other Massachusetts high school.

    Each year, more graduates are attending college or higher level certification programs because their confidence and self-esteem has been able to grow at AIHS. Students come to see they can be successful and have enjoyable futures.

    As with all other high schools, the curriculum at AIHS includes English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Physical Education, all of which are aligned to the Common Core Standards. In addition, students have access to a blended curriculum, which includes online courses, dual enrollment college courses, and enrollment in Amesbury High School courses. Students also participate in a Social and Emotional Learning class which provides the opportunity to learn social and emotional skills. This is a very important part of the therapeutic program at AIHS. Overall, the program has created a culture that is safe and supportive for students to help them reach their potential both academically and personally. This reinforces the whole student approach.

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