Circulation Policy

  • Circulation Policy

    Students in grades 1 - 4 are allowed to check out books from the AES Library to bring home each week.  Students may keep their books for one week.  If books are not returned after one week, they are considered overdue.  Books may be renewed up to 2 times.  

    Students may not check out new books until past books are returned.  If a book is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for replacing or paying for the book.  If the book has been found in a reasonable amount of time, money will be refunded. Notices will be sent home if a book is long overdue.  

    Please help your child to be successful in this area.  Find a safe spot at home to keep books, and help your child to remember to return his/her books each week.  

    Kindergarten:  Students will bring 1 book back to the classroom each week to be enjoyed in school.

    Grades 1-2:  Students may check out 1 book each week.

    Grades 3-4:  Students may check out up to 2 books each week. (Librarian will determine how many books children will check out, depending on the curriculum.)

    End of the year School Policy:  All books must be returned, and if a book is lost or damaged, families are responsible for reimbursing the school for the cost of the book, or purchasing a replacement copy.  Report Cards will be held until accounts are settled.  

    Thank you for your help!