• Principal Eryn Maguire

Welcome to Eryn's Page


    After becoming principal of AIHS in 2014, I enjoy my career more than ever. Each day provides an opportunity to learn or teach some important life lesson. Prior to becoming principal, I was a teacher at AIHS, in the areas of math and science. Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the medical field. I was involved in a variety of areas including learning disabilities research, diabetes research, and the management of clinical trials.  I have a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology and a CAGS degree in administration. Despite the education I have experienced, I learn most from my staff and students.

    The school has been through many changes over the years and it is stronger than ever, and that starts with the culture that is created by the staff and students. The staff are an amazing group of people who work very hard to create a safe and supportive learning environment, while still providing a rigorous academic program that is challenging to each student. The students are equally as amazing. Every day I learn from them. They are strong, intelligent young men and women. The traditional high school setting did not work for them, and they care enough for their futures that they came to AIHS to experience high school in a different setting.

    Every day I am thankful for the unique opportunity of spending my days at AIHS. Together we all create a school community that is filled with just as much compassion as learning. It is a wonderful balance that focuses on the 'whole student', preparing each for the future, socially, emotionally and academically. 

    Please email or call if you ever have any questions or thoughts about our program.