Student Services


    Welcome to Student Services

         Student services consist of the additional resources within Cashman that work closely with your child and his or her teacher. These people work very hard behind the scenes to ensure that all children have a successful, healthy, and happy school experience.
    Mrs. Greene - Health Services
    The school nurse has a multi-faceted role that supports student success by providing a variety of services. These services include: administering first aid, illness assessment, immunization review, administering of medication, vision and hearing screenings, and heights and weights screenings.

    Mrs. Jarman - Guidance

    Mrs. Jarman is responsible for providing an array of school adjustment counseling services as well as a school-wide guidance program that encourages personal growth, social relationships and academic achievement. Direct services may include parent/teacher consultation, brief individual and small group counseling, emergency support and or information and referral. Guidance lessons, provided weekly to students, grades K-4,

    enhance Second Step, presented by teachers within the regular classroom, and contribute to a positive, respectful school culture. Please visit the web page to learn more.

    Mrs. Hewey - English Language Learners
    Mrs. Hewey is the English Language Learner teacher for Amesbury Public Schools. She works with culturally and linguistically diverse children at all grade levels. Several languages are represented in our district. These include: Arabic, Chen, German, Greek, Khmer, Portuguese, Pushtu, Romanian, and Spanish. Mrs. Hewey supports all ELL students as they strive to develop and gain proficiency in English, works with families to provide a communication bridge to the schools, and partners with teachers as they all work to meet the needs of these students, both academically and socially.

    Mrs. Pray - Reading Tutor

     Cashman School is
    committed in helping children to become creative,  independent readers and writers. Our reading program helps those students that may need the extra support in literacy. Please visit our site to learn more.