Elementary Art

  • Welcome! I am the art teacher at Cashman on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons of each week. On Wednesday mornings, Thursdays and Fridays I am teaching at Amesbury Elementary School.

    Since mid-November the students have been working very hard using new materials to design and create their artwork. Some students chose to use their material to make ornaments and other holiday related images while other students pursued a different direction.

    Kindergarten students developed "A, B, A, B" patterns of shapes using "color changer" markers on their colorful two-sided hanging paper design.

    First grade students used small wood shapes to construct their design. Once the wood glue dried they added a little shimmer to their design by painting them with metallic acrylic paint.

    Second grade students rolled out a small slab of clay to draw and cut their design as an outline shape to make a clay ornament. After the clay was fired the students brushed on glaze to decorate their ornament.

    Third grade students worked with felt and tacky glue to create various size felt designs. They worked the felt like a collage-cutting small shapes of felt then gluing them together to create a larger design.

    Fourth grade students' each created a metal relief ornament by tooling thin 36 gage aluminum. Tooling the metal from the back of the design popped out the objects. While tooling the metal from the front pushed back the background space. The students added color using permanent markers to both sides of their design.