• Lori Vickery Green,OT  Occupational Therapy


    My name is Lori Vickery Green, OT.  I am one of the Occupational Therapists at the Cashman Elementary School. This is my 10th year working in the Amesbury School District and my 23rd year working as an Occupational Therapist.  I am both excited and honored to work with the many families and children in Amesbury. 

    I am in the process of developing this website so continue to check back for links and information related to services and specific suggestions and information for pre-school thru 4th grade development.

    You can reach me anytime at: lori.green@amesburyma.org. Please email with any questions, concerns or requests that you might find helpful about your child's fine motor, sensory, executive functioning, and/or daily living skills development.