Levels 24-28

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Level 24/L Horrible Harry series (Suzy Kline) Triplet Trouble series (Debbie Dadey) Amelia Bedelia series (Peggy Parrish) Cam Jansen series (David Adler) Goliath series (Terrance Dicks) Pee Wee Scouts series (Judy Delton) Pinky and Rex series (James Howe) Level 28/M Arthur Book series (Marc Brown) Marvin Redpost series (Louis Sachar) Junie B. Jones series (Barbara Park) Picture Book of…. series (David Adler) Bailey School Kids series (Debbie Dadey) Magic Tree House series (Mary Pope Osborne) The Littles series (John Peterson) Flat Stanley series (Jeff Brown) Ms. Coleman’s Class series (Ann Martin) Pixie Tricks series (Tracey West)