• AHS English Department

    "To thine own self be true." 
    ~William Shakespear

    Improving literacy skills is the goal of each English course which integrates reading, writing, speaking, listening, research, and media, as recommended in the Massachusetts Common Core Frameworks.

    All students must pass four years of English (10 credits) in sequence in order to receive a diploma:

    Grade 9: full-year, two semesters, Language Arts A and B = 4 credits
    Grade 10: American Studies I = 2 credits
    Grade 11: American Studies II = 2 credits
    Grade 12:  Contemporary Literature and Research = 2 credits  

    Seniors must successfully complete the Senior Research Project requirements as ELA benchmarks for graduation requirements.

    Staff Members

    Department Head- Steven Bastien - Grade 11, 12
    Jean Brockmyre - Grade 10, 12
    Emily Crannell - Grade 9, 10
    Jennifer Daileanes - Grade 9, 10
    Emily Little - Grade 9, 11
    Dara McGonagle - Grade 9, 10
    April Rivers - Grade 10, 11

    Prerequisites: Students must pass one grade level of English [thus earning credits]  before moving to the next grade level.Students who fail English must repeat the course;  summer school is available for students who meet attendance and grade requirements.

    "Summer" Reading

    • Encourages lifelong reading habits
    • Prepares students for the literature they will read at each grade level
    • Assesses students' independent reading
    • Encourages reading for pleasure  by selecting works recommended by Faculty, who will lead book discussions on Faculty Favorites Day.  

    Please see the website in June for the Summer Reading list.

    National English Honor Society

    Juniors and seniors who excel in English may apply for membership in the John Greenleaf Whittier Chapter of the National English Honor Society. Applications are posted in the fall.