• AHS Community Service Program


    The major purpose of our Community Service Program at Amesbury High School is to communicate to everyone that a well-rounded education is more than achievement in the core curriculum. It is a program that will involve various agencies providing opportunities for students, their peers, families, and staff to become participants in helping meet the needs of many people. Students will be able to meet and deal with people of all ages, of all capabilities, and of all interests who will teach them and enrich their lives.


    Our overall objective for implementing mandatory community service as part of the graduation requirement centers around the development of character, self-esteem, and leadership qualities attained, not only through academic achievement, but also through a contribution to one’s community. We believe that community service involves service to one’s school community as well as one’s local, national, and global communities.




    WHO must participate?


    EVERYONE. Fifteen (15) hours of service are required per year, regardless of how many were completed in prior years.Students must complete a total of 60 hours during the four years of high school as part of our graduation requirements.


    Incoming freshmen may start earning their community service after the close of the school year in which they complete the 8th grade. Summer community service hours will count towards the next school year. Seniors must turn in their hours to the Coordinator before the last exam day of term four (4) each year. Underclassmen must turn in their hours before final exams for the year. Community service hours will be accepted for that current year only. Community service hours turned in AFTER the last day of school will count towards the next year.


    WHAT can the participants do?


    Each class has a Community Service Classroom just for their graduation year.  Specific opportunities are posted as they are received by the school.  Make sure to check your google classroom and open emails from that platform.


    Other ideas for students include: public relations tasks, help with child care, work on art-related projects, participate in special events, tutor children or adults, improve the environment, organize and assist with recreation programs, visit the homebound, provide special skills and talents, guide visitors, assist the elderly, collect and distribute food, toys and specialties, register for internships, and numerous other possibilities.


    Students who join or are members of the Band or Chorus receive hours for their time served doing these activities that are beyond the requirements for the course credit. You may NOT receive any compensation for community service - payment, gift, or school credits. Fundraising to benefit an organization you are involved in will not count. The money raised must be donated to an outside charity that you do not benefit from to receive community service credit.


    WHEN should students do the service?


    Students may do their community service on weekends, during school vacations, at night, during the summer, and after school.




    Community service provides opportunities to build new skills, strengthen your resume, meet new people, enrich your life, promote goodwill, help others, and achieve personal growth and satisfaction.


    HOW are community service hours awarded?


    All accountability will be handled by the Community Service Coordinator. The Coordinator will have access to the record keeping and be responsible for approval of projects and awarding of community service hours. A total of 60 hours of community service are needed for high school graduation. Service hours must be done outside of a student’s family. Family members may NOT sign as the supervisor of the service.




    Each student must complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service per school year, starting with their freshman year. A grade of PASS/FAIL (P/F) will be recorded on each student’s last term report card.There are NO community service grades or hours total on report cards for quarters 1-3.  A failing grade in quarter 4  will prevent a student from being on the honor roll the last term of the year. Failure to complete the required hours will be carried over to the next year’s total. A student transferring into AHS will start his/her accumulation of hours at that point.




    The Community Service forms can be found on the bulletin board across from Room 230. Forms are also available to download on the Community Service google classroom by graduation year. STUDENTS are responsible for completing and turning in the completed form. All students will be invited to join the community service classroom for their graduation year as a freshman.  If they have not done so already, please make sure this is completed.




    No community service may be done during school time without the written consent of the Community Service Coordinator.

    Students may not count service for their family.

    Students involved in fundraising must document the charity the funds are being donated to. Students may not benefit from the fundraising.

    No credit will be given for community service that resulted in the student receiving any form of compensation.