Welcome to AHS Student Services

    Student services cover a wide range of programs designed to support students in their learning. Amesbury High School offers a large array of services that include the school nurse, guidance department, English as a Second Language and Special Education.

    Ms. Elisabeth Shorter - High School Nurse

    The high school nurse's role is to support student learning by helping students and staff to stay as healthy as possible during the school year. In addition to caring for students who become sick or injured, school nurses also monitor students with chronic health conditions, provide health assessments for vision, hearing and growth screenings, educate and train staff regarding emergency health situations.  Also see Amesbury Public Schools Health Services.

    Amanda Posthumus Kennedy- Special Education Facilitator (AHS)

    Academic Support at Amesbury High School is designed to provide specially designed instruction while recognizing the individual student's needs. Academic Support has a strong philosophical belief that inclusive education takes priority over segregated programming whenever possible.  Also see Amesbury Public Schools Special Education and Student Services.

    Ms. Maryann Wilson - ELL/ESL

    The goal of the Amesbury High School English as a Second Language (ESL) program is to develop English language proficiency in English Language Learners (ELL) so that they can function independently in the mainstream classroom setting. To this end, program instruction is conducted in English.