Amesbury High School Honor Societies

  • English Honor Society - Jean Brockmyre, Advisor
    Foreign Language Society- Abigail Murphy, Advisor
    History Honor Society - Timothy Osgood, Advisor
    Math Honor Society- Jessica Regis, Advisor
    National Honor Society, Emicel Burrell, Advisor
    Science Honor Society, Kristen Comeau, Advisor

    Math Honor Society - Mu Alpha Theta

    The Amesbury chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, the Mathematics Honor Society, is part of a national organization promoting an interest in mathematics.  Students may apply for membership in the fall or spring. Requirements for membership are 8 quarters of college preparatory, honors, or AP math courses with a 3.5 GPA and a letter of recommendation from a mathematics teacher. The organization meets monthly and performs math-related service activities. 

    During each year of membership each member is required to perform 10 hours of math related service activities, which may include both club activities and outside activities such as tutoring.  Members in good standing wear a blue cord at graduation.

    National English Honor Society

    The John Greenleaf Whittier Chapter of the National English Honor Society [NEHS] invites juniors and seniors who have earned at least a 4.0 GPA in required English courses to apply for membership in the fall. Candidates fill out an application that includes references and a writing sample. Members are selected based on their academic excellence, integrity and effort in the English classroom. Members of the Chapter must pay a membership fee to join the national organization and perform community service that supports literacy in the school and community. Junior members are required to read the NEHS Common Reader over the summer and participate in the scholarship essay writing in the fall. Senior members in good standing earn a blue and gold tassel to wear at graduation ceremonies.

    National Honor Society

    The Amesbury High School Chapter of National Honor Society is one of 15,000 or more chapters throughout the United States. NHS is a service organization. One of the benefits of membership in the National Honor Society is the honor of being elected to an organization whose purpose is to recognize students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, character, leadership and service.

    Beginning with freshman year, all aspects of the four pillars of NHS will be reviewed by FAC (Faculty Advisory Committee) before electing students to NHS membership. The four pillars include:

    • Character- behavior in and out of school, advisor, coach, and teacher comments, attendance, and academic honesty.
    • Service- to others in addition to graduation requirements.
    • Scholarship – 4.0 GPA
    • Leadership- setting a positive example in and out of school as well as offices held. 

    An informational parent/student meeting will be held prior to fall and spring packet deadline dates to help aid in filling out the NHS packet. Specific dates will be adjusted accordingly and decided upon by the NHS advisor. These dates will be given when students are first notified of eligibility. If a student plans on going abroad and believes that s/he might be eligible for NHS, s/he should receive the packet prior to departure and submit upon return home. The student would then be considered for the next NHS induction.

    All prospective candidates must turn in their packets by the stated and given deadline set by the advisor. In case of an emergency situation where the packet cannot be submitted on time (i.e. family emergency/death, illness) the NHS advisor, must be notified in writing by a parent or guardian.

    Requirements for Membership in the National Honor Society

    Juniors and seniors are eligible for membership in the National Honor Society. Transfer students are eligible after they have been at Amesbury High School for one semester.

    To be considered for membership, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or higher. In addition, students should have met, or be in the process of meeting, the following minimum requirements: 2 years of foreign language or technology or music and art courses, 2 years of science, 2 years of mathematics, 2 years of social studies. Beginning with the Class of 2020, the requirements for National Honor Society eligibility have changed. The scholarship requirements is a 4.0 GPA with no final course grade below a B-.

    In addition to scholarship, a student must demonstrate excellence in the areas of character, leadership and service. Character involves behavior in and out of school, honesty, and personal integrity. Leadership is demonstrated through willingness to assume positions of responsibility in one’s class, on teams, or in clubs and other organizations. Service is shown in a student’s willingness to participate in activities, to join clubs and organizations, to donate time to class activities, and to provide service in the community.

    When completing the application process students will be expected to provide information on the following areas:

    • Excessive class or school absences (more than 5 in a quarter)
    • Excessive tardiness to school or class (more than 5 in a school quarter)
    • Detentions assigned by a teacher or administrator
    • Chemical health violations on or off school property
    • Red or yellow cards or game disqualifications
    • Academic dishonesty in any class
    • Any disciplinary consequences other than listed above

    Election of Members

    Those students who meet the criterion of scholarship are further evaluated on the basis of character, leadership, and service. The faculty evaluates students they know and work with in terms of character by means of evaluation sheet. Leadership is demonstrated through the willingness to assume elected or appointed positions of responsibility in one’s class, on teams, or in clubs or other organizations. Service is demonstrated through actions and deeds performed without expecting compensation of any kind. Students submit an activity packet in which they describe their contributions in the areas of leadership and serve. The advisor checks and summarizes the information available for each candidate and presents it to the Faculty Advisory Council. Questions concerning these forms should be addressed to the advisor, guidance counselors or members of the faculty.

    It is the duty of the Faculty Advisory Council to establish the requirements for membership and to elect students to and if necessary dismiss students from the National Honor Society, as specified in the national guidelines for high school chapters. The Faculty Advisory Council reviews the qualifications of the eligible juniors and seniors and elects to membership those students who demonstrate high standards of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Since all four qualities are important, it is possible for a student with good scholastic achievement not to be elected to the National Honor Society. The Faculty Advisory Council is given the responsibility for making the final decision. 

    Students elected to the National Honor Society are expected to confirm in writing to the advisor their willingness to join the organization and to uphold its ideals. Elected juniors and seniors attend one orientation meeting and are inducted into the society at the formal ceremony.

    Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest honor given at Amesbury High School. Membership is listed on all transcripts (when requested), and National Honor Society members in good standing wear gold stoles and tassels during graduation exercises.

    Privileges of National Honor Society Members

    With the signed permission of parent or guardian, members may avail themselves of the following privileges:

    • They may have use of the copy machine in the teacher workroom across from the library except during teacher lunch times.
    • They do not need a hall pass as they have their NHS card.
    • Senior members of NHS, who have met all credits and requirements for graduation, may opt to drop an elective to work with a staff member at AHS. If the student wishes to work outside of AHS, s/he must go through Big Brother/Big Sister.
    • Parental permission members may sign out during their lunch time in the main office.

    Responsibilities of Membership

    1. Members must carry their membership cards at all times.
    2. Members must maintain a minimum 4.0 cumulative grade point average. Failure to do so will result in probation for one term followed by possible loss of membership. Failure to complete minimum course requirements may also result in loss of membership.
    3. Members are expected to be present at and support service projects undertaken by the chapter.
    4. All NHS members are required to attend all school related assemblies held during the school day.
    5. Members are expected to maintain the ideals of the National Honor Society. Any member showing conduct, which reflects adversely on those ideals and on Amesbury High School, may be subject to disciplinary action, including possible dismissal from NHS on the vote of the Faculty Advisory Council.

    History Honor Society - Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society

    Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society is the only national organization for high school juniors and seniors that recognizes excellence in the field of Social Studies.  Rho Kappa provides national recognition and opportunities for exploration in the social studies. Through its sponsorship of Rho Kappa, National Council for the Social Studies hopes to encourage an interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies.  The mission and purpose of Rho Kappa: The National Social Studies Honor Society is to:

    • promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies in secondary school environments and the community.
    • provide through its local chapters opportunities for exploration in the social studies in secondary school environments and the community.
    • encourage interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies.

    Membership in Rho Kappa is by invitation, given by a local chapter on behalf of the national organization. Students may be invited to become a member of Rho Kappa based on their achievement in social studies.

    Candidates for membership should:

    1. Have been in attendance at the school in which the chapter resides for the equivalent of one semester prior to being considered.
    2. Have completed four semesters of courses in the field of social studies and be prepared to complete at least six semesters. The minimum grade point average for these courses is an unweighted 3.50 or the numerical equivalent, and have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.50 or the numerical equivalent (Individual chapters may choose to increase the GPA requirements for their chapter but may not decrease them).
    3. Provide evidence of community service and a letter of recommendation from a current teacher.

    Spanish and French Honor Societies

    Isaac Albéňiz Chapter
    La Société Honoraire de Français

    The goals of the foreign language honor societies are to promote the study of the Spanish and French language and culture and to honor students who have achieved outstanding grades in the study of Spanish or French.  Qualified students may apply upon completing a third semester of study or if they are in the process of taking a third semester of foreign language during the second semester.  In order to qualify, students must have a minimum final grade of B+ (non-weighted) in all foreign language courses.  Students must also receive a high recommendation from one of their high school foreign language teachers.

    Members of the societies meet monthly to fulfill ten hours of service requirements by planning and participating in a variety of projects which include the tutoring of other foreign language students and the planning of National Foreign Language Week.  Each member is expected to pay a membership fee to join the national organizations.  Officers to the societies are expected to take a foreign language class during their senior year.  At graduation, senior members in good standing earn a special tassel to indicate their accomplishment.

    The induction ceremony takes place in the spring of each school year.

    Science Honor Society

    The Amesbury Chapter of the S.N.H.S. is part of a national organization located in Houston, Texas. Our organization intends to build a “science niche that encourages talented students to pursue the study of science and engineering in college.” The chapter meets monthly. To qualify, a student must:

    1. Be a junior or senior
    2. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher
    3. Have a B+ average or equivalent in all science courses

    Students must take a minimum of 12 quarters of science, including AP Biology and two upper level science courses. Two written recommendations from science teachers are also needed. Selections occur after the 3rd quarter grades are in, and qualified students will go through an induction ceremony during 4th quarter. Each member will receive a science pin to wear on his/her gown at graduation.

    Tri-M Music Society

    This Honor Society is for those students who have achieved honorable grades in band and/or chorus.