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    Sports Head Injury and Concussion Awareness Course

    A letter was sent home to all parents about the requirements of the new Concussion Law signed by Governor Patrick. 

    In order to be in compliance with this law, a parent/guardian must complete one of two FREE on-line concussion courses and SUBMIT a completed certificate prior to their child being permitted to participate in a school sponsored sport. 

    To access the NFHS Course:

    1.       Go to

    2.       Click on Register and complete the basic information

    3.       Click Submit Registration

    4.       Click on the Course “Concussion in Sports-What You Need to Know”

    5.       Click Order now

    6.       Select order course for myself

    7.       Choose Massachusetts

    8.       Select Complete Purchase ($0.00)

    9.       Take course

    To access the CDC Course:

    1.       Go to:

    2.       Click on “Heads Up Concussion – Take the Free On-line Concussion Training”

    3.       Scroll down and Click on  “To take the Training”

    4.       Take course

    After completing the course, print out the certificate of completion and submit with your child’s sports packets at the start of the next season in which s/he participates.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this!