• AHS Social Studies Department

    If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.
          - Aristotle

    Graduation Requirements

    ALL students are required to take two (2) quarters of World History by the completion of their freshman year. Students are also required to take four (4) quarters of United States History with completion by junior year.

    Students electing to take Advanced Placement will be expected to take four (4) quarters (sequentially).

    Students are required to take at least a (1) quarter elective by senior year.  Electives including the Holocaust Studies, Law, Leadership Seminar, Local History & Psychology are offered in the junior and senior year.

    Staff Members

    Department Head- Dr. Kristen Walsh

    Jared Brandwein

    Conor Dennin

    Ann Fuller

    Paul Jancewicz

    David Miller

    Timothy Osgood 




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