• AHS Science, Technology and Engineering Department

    Staff Members

    Mark J. Casto - Earth Science / Biology Teacher / K-12 Science Director/ Science Team / Advisor
    Kathy Beaudoin - Chemistry / Earth Science Teacher / Science National Honor Society
    Kristen Comeau - Biology / Chemistry Teacher
    Stan Froncki - Engineering Technology Teacher
    James Galante - Engineering Technology Teacher
    Christopher Perez - Physics Teacher               
    Lindsey (Miller) Alley - Biology Teacher                
    Cynthia Richmond - Biology Teacher / Advisor, Environmental Club
    Tricia Young-Cignetti - Anatomy & Physiology / Biology Teacher

    Science National Honor Society

    The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) is a nationally recognized organization based on academic excellence in science and service to the community.  SNHS strives to adhere and enhance  the nationally defined objectives of the SNHS:        

    • Encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought.
    • Advance the students' knowledge of classical and modern science.
    • Communicate with the scientific community.
    • Aid the civic community with its comprehension of science.
    • Encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind.