• AHS Wellness Department

    The Wellness Department is made up of Family and Consumer Science, Physical Education and Health Education.

    Family and Consumer Science

    Staff: Margaret Furlong
    The Family and Consumer Science Department at AHS is a comprehensive program with nine course offerings in the following areas: Foods and Nutrition, Child Development and Parenting, Human Relations, Clothing and Textiles. Each elective courses last for 9 weeks and receives one credit. Courses in the are of foods and clothing are sequential.  Detailed course descriptions are included in the Program of Studies.

    Physical Education

    Staff Members
    Sarah Centric - Fundamentals of Movement, Yoga/Mindfulness I, Yoga/Mindfulness II, Advanced Conditioning
    Kevin Johnston - Lifelong Sports, Fitness for Life, Adventure Learning, Advanced Conditioning
    Detailed course descriptions are included in the Program of Studies.

    Health Education

    Staff: Amanda Thibodeau - CP Health, Athletic Training I, Athletic Training II
    Detailed course descriptions are included in the Program of Studies.