• College Chemistry Course Objectives

    Mrs. Kathy Beaudoin


    Chemistry is a science that deals with matter and the changes it undergoes. This study requires constant work on your part. There will be homework every night and a lab report every week.

    General Classroom policies:

    Students are expected to come to class prepared and on time.

    Absences and make up work are enforced as per the student handbook.

    No food, drink, hats, or electronic devices of any kind are allowed in the classroom.

    Students actions with regard to language, cleanliness, and clothing should conform to civilized society and the rules as stated in the student handbook.

    Course Objectives:

    • To gain an understanding of the science of chemistry.
    • To observe and recognize matter in your world as being related to chemicals and chemical changes.
    • To appreciate the changes in your life as having chemistry as their basis.
    • To learn proper laboratory techniques of doing, observing, and recording data.To learn how to properly use scientific equipment.
    • To learn a healthy respect for chemicals.
    • To make careful and accurate scientific measurements.
    • To develop an attitude of curiosity.
    • To become proficient in certain mathematical operations.
    • To write correct chemical formulas, symbols and equations.
    • To gain an understanding of atoms, elements, compounds, and the workings of the periodic table.
    • To understand the mole concept.
    • To apply what is learned in class to current event readings.


    Contact information:       Kathy Beaudoin

    AHS Science Teacher

    978-388-4800 ext 2460