• School Council

    The Amesbury High School Council is an elected/volunteer group of parents, students, teachers, community members and administration. This group is mandated by the department of education. The meetings are open to the public, but only the appointed/regular members may vote.

    The council advises the principal on budget, program of studies, staffing, general school issues and has a major role in the development of the school improvement plan. They meet the second Thursday of the month. If you are interested in serving on this council please contact Ms. Jennifer Machado at the high school.

    Council Members

    Michelle Parsons, Parent
    Amy Sherwood, Parent  

    Mary Testa, Parent  
    Miesha Acevedo, Community Representative  
     Dr. Danielle Ricci, Principal

    Amanda Sweeney, Teacher
    Lisa Estabrook, School Librarian 

    Nick Bazirgan, Student Representative
    Addison Snow, Student Representative  

    Meeting Times 2023-2024 (Virtual Meetings) 7pm meet.google.com/xdg-kxfo-xrv 


    September 14, 2023 

    October 12, 2023  *Rescheduled to October 19, 2023

    November 16, 2023

    December 14, 2023

    January 11, 2024

    February 8, 2024

    March 14, 2024* (Rescheduled to March 28, 2023)  

    April 11, 2024  

    May 9, 2024  

    June 13, 2024