The Amesbury High School Math Department has a staff of 8 teachers and offers courses ranging from Integrated Math I to AP Calculus. Ordinarily, freshmen take four quarters of math. Sophomores take three quarters, and juniors take two quarters. This completes the math requirement or 9 quarters.  However, students have several options for a fourth year of math or even an additional math course in the junior year. 
         Elective courses offered by the department include Advanced Math, AP Statistics, Honors Statistics, AP Calculus, and Personal Finance. 

    A typical schedule might look like this:
    Freshman year: Integrated Math I or Algebra I Honors (4 quarters)
    Sophomore year: Integrated Math II (3 quarters) or Honors Geometry (2 quarters) and/or Honors Algebra II (2 quarters)
    Junior Year: Integrated Math III (2 quarters) or Introductory Analysis (2 quarters)
                     Also: AP or Honors Statistics
    Senior Year: Advanced Math (2 quarters) or AP Statistics (3 quarters) or Honors Statistics (2 quarters) or AP Calculus (4 quarters)

    The Math Department is happy to be the only department at AHS to offer two AP level courses. Please note that students taking AP courses are REQUIRED to take the AP test in May.


        All courses meet the state framework requirements for passing the MCAS test. Approximately 95% of our students pass MCAS on their first try (sophomore year) and over 50% typically score ADVANCED. AHS has an exceptional record for success on the MCAS test.