Math Co-Curricular Programs


          Yearbook: Yearbook is a class as well as an activity. Amesbury has an award winning 360 page yearbook created by approximately 35 students. Applications for editorial and staff positions are available in April. Editor candidates must go through an interview process. 
          The AHS Weekly: Amesbury has the only weekly high school newspaper in the Merrimack Valley. It has been produced every week since October of 1979 and sold during lunch for 25 cents. The paper can also be read on-line at  The website also features photo albums. Photographs can be purchased for $1 each.
           The Student Advisory Council: This council is elected in the spring and is required by state law. It's purpose is to communicate student issues to the administration and school committee. The chairperson attends all school committee meetings. SAC also runs a week of free activities in the spring and an orientation for 8th graders regarding high school activities.
          Mu Alpha Theta: The Math Honor Society was the first subject specific honor society to be founded at AHS. It is part of a national organization for high schools and junior colleges. Inductees must complete 8 quarters of math with a B or better average.  Mu Alpha Theta members are required to perform 10 hours of math related activities. These include running a math fair for elementary school aged children in the spring and tutoring students who need math help. The are an integral part of an MCAS tutoring program run every spring for students who have been identified as potentially needing help. Mu Alpha Theta as founded by Barbara Leary but is currently advised by Diane Pendergast and Richard Sculley.
         The Math Team: AHS was one of the founding members of the Tri-State Mathematics League. For the past 30 years the team has never finished lower than second place in its division. The team is coached by Barbara Leary. Try outs for the team are held on the Tuesday afternoon following graduation for the next year. The schedule for this year is below.

    Tri-State Math League Schedule



    Meets are held on the first Wedneday in October, November, December, March, and April. There is also a meet on the last Wednesday in January. If a meet is postponed due to weather, the meet is held the following Wednesday.



    General Arithmetic*


    Linear Equations*

    Perimeter, Area & Volume*

    Set Theory*






    Linear Functions*


    Rational Expressions & Equations




    Arithmetic with Ratio &  Proportion*

    Coordinate Geometry*

    Rate Problems*

    Sequences & Series

    Theory of Functions




    Business Arithmetic*

    Quadratic Functions

    Similar Oblique Triangles*

    Trigonometric Identities & Equations





    Arithmetic w/ Descriptive  Statistics*


    Polynomial Functions

    Right Triangles (Geometric)*

    Trigonometric Applications




    Number Theory*




    Systems of Linear Equations*


    Categories marked with an asterisk (*) should include

    problems feasible to students of all grades.