Advanced Placement United States History


Length of course: Four Quarters

Grade level(s): 11

Prerequisite: All students must have earned a B+ or better average in college or honors English and a B+ or better average in grades 9 and 10 in honors social studies to be eligible for this course. Interested students will be interviewed by the instructor and must receive written permission from Dept. Director. A summer assignment is required.

Advanced Placement United States History is for the student who wants an in-depth study of American History in a course conducted at a college level with extensive readings, research projects, class discussion, book reports, and independent study. Emphasis will be placed on major world trends and current events on United States policies both foreign and domestic. Scoring well on the Advanced Placement Examination given annually during the third week in May could result in the acceptance of the course for college credits, thereby reducing tuition costs. The Educational Testing Service of Princeton, NJ prepares the examination, under the direction of the College Entrance Examination Board. The Amesbury School Committee will pay one half of the cost of the examination for students who have an average of B or better at the end of the third term.

Please see my APUSH Google classroom for all information and assignments.

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