American Studies II


    Grade Level: 11

    Length of course: One year - Co-taught interdisciplinary 

    Prerequisite: American Studies I

    (Must be enrolled in Honors English.)

    HONORS: Recommendation of 9th or 10thgrade instructor, and final average of B+ or better Honors B- in World History. Honors U.S. History is for the academically motivated student who wants an in-depth study of U.S. History in a course conducted at a college level with extensive readings, research projects, class discussion, book reports, and independent study. A summer assignment is required for this course. These courses require self-directed students with a strong work ethic. Students who earn a less than proficient during the first quarter of any Honors or AP History class will sign a contract which may entail increased tutorial work to achieve proficiency in the subject. If this contractual agreement is not met, then the student will be placed in a college prep class.

    Term 1: Detailed investigation of the Jazz Age, the Depression, The New Deal, and the events leading up to and through end of World War II.

    Term 2: In depth study of the Cold War, The New Frontier, The Great Society, and modern years. The focus of this course will be on people and events that formed our present history.


    Please visit our Google Classroom for all course information and assigments.

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