• Taking the SAT/ACT was once a college application must. Now, over 2,000 colleges/universities are test-free or test-optional for fall 2024 applicants. This is a trend that may very well continue. Please check Fair Test for an updated list of every school that no longer requires the SAT or ACT.

    Students who are unsure if they should take either test should talk to their guidance counselor. Students interested in Engineering majors or Health Care professions, such as Nursing, OT, and PT, are encouraged to take these tests as many programs in these fields still require those entry exams. 

    Students sign up independently for these tests. If you sign up for the SAT and have documented disabilities, please contact Mr. Sydow as soon as possible to review the process for requesting accommodations. 


    NOTE: Colleges require that your test score be sent directly from the testing agency. It is important to know what schools require the testing and to remember your user name and passwords!

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