• Dual Enrollment allows students to take college-level courses at a discounted rate. Students can earn college credit towards high school completion and future degrees. AHS offers Dual Enrollment courses as early as sophomore year through SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) in the Classroom. Students may also choose to take a course(s) at Northern Essex Community College. 

    If you received credit for the college course(s) and want to know if your college will accept any of the credits, you need to initiate a credit review. To do this, you must use the appropriate form to request your transcript from the respective university. 

    Please check with your college to determine where the transcript should be sent for review. Some colleges have a credit review department, others require the transcript to be sent to admissions or the registrar. Regardless, you should have a copy of your transcript sent to your home address so you have a copy for your records. Once the college receives the transcript, they will perform a credit review and you will know which credits they will accept.

    If you have any questions or need your NECC or SNHU ID, please contact Ms. Saurman.


    The SNHU transcript request process can be found here. https://www.snhu.edu/student-experience/campus-experience/campus-academics/snhu-in-the-high-school-program

    The NECC transcript request process can be found here. https://www.necc.mass.edu/current-students/student-resources/transcript-request/