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    The AHS Guidance Center seeks to provide all students with a comprehensive counseling program which addresses academic, social/emotional, and post-high school development. The counselor’s role is characterized by understanding, acceptance, and empathy in order to aid in students' emotional and educational growth. Counselors work with educators, students, parents/guardians, and community members to create a healthy support system. Our goal is for all students to develop their individual talents, graduate with the skills to secure a career, and become contributing members of society.

    Guidance Staff

    Alexa Savvas, Guidance Counselor 

    • Class of 2024, A - J
    • Class of 2025, A - E
    • Class of 2026, A - H
    • Class of 2027, A - G

    Susan Saurman, Guidance Dept Head

    • Class of 2024, K - O
    • Class of 2025, F - L
    • Class of 2026, I - M
    • Class of 2027, H - M

    Matthew Sydow, Guidance Counselor

    • Class of 2024, P - Z
    • Class of 2025, M - Z
    • Class of 2026, N - Z
    • Class of 2027, N - Z

    Gwendolyn Foley, Administrative Assistant