What is Early College?

  • What is Early College?

    Early College is a collaborative educational program offered through Haverhill High School and Northern Essex Community College.  Early College seeks to bridge the gap between high school and college.  This program affords students the opportunity to take college courses that are integrated into the high school curriculum, allowing students to get a head-start in earning college credit.

    Can High School Students Do This?

    A common concern of parents who are considering having their child enter the program is if it is possible for high school students to do college-level work, and the answer is absolutely!  Students in the Early College program are provided a high level of guidance and advising as well as well-trained and highly supportive faculty.  


    The curriculum for the program comes from the Mass Transfer Block, http://www.mass.edu/masstransfer/students/TransferBlock.asp, and includes courses in composition and writing, behavioral and/or social sciences, humanities and/or fine arts, natural or physical science, and mathematics/quantitative reasoning.  It is possible to obtain 34 credit hours through the Mass Transfer Block.  

    Early College at Amesbury High School uses the Mass Transfer Block to determine the courses that will be offered to students each year.  This year, the program has included the following courses:

    Grade 10:  
    American Literature I (3 credits)
    US History 1 (3 credits)
    College Success Seminar (3 credits)

    Grade 11:
    American Literature II (3 credits)
    US History II (3 credits)
    Studio Art (3 credits)
    Earth Science (3 credits)

    Grade 12:
    Writing Composition (3 credits)
    *Students have the opportunity to take additional courses at the Northern Essex Community College (NECC) Campus

    Criteria to participate in the Early College program
    • All students will take the Accuplacer exam through Northern Essex Community College, and
    • must have earned credits in both World History I and Grade 9 English