Course Descriptions

  • Course Descriptions from Northern Essex Community College:

    ERS 110 - Earth Science
    A survey of the earth sciences, this course will examine various earth systems and processes including the earth as a planet, the atmosphere and weather, the oceans, the solid earth and its minerals, and such processes as volcanism, weathering, glaciations, erosion and tectonics. This course should not be taken by students who have had Physical Geology or Meteorology. 

    HIS 102 - U.S. History II
    This course is a survey of American history from 1865 to the present. It will examine the continuing political, social, cultural and economic development of the United States from reconstruction through the Second World War and the postwar years. Emphasis will be placed on the increasing power of the Presidency, the role of America as a world leader, industrial and technological growth and its impact on the environment. 

    LIT 202 - American Literature II
    This course presents the works of selected American writers from the Civil War to the present and will include a study of their historical and literary settings. 

    CSS 101 - College Success Seminar
    This course explores the ways to take the initiative for personal, professional, and academic success. The focus is on techniques and resources to improve self-understanding, information literacy and critical thinking skills, and to foster teamwork and community building.

    ENG 202 - English Composition I
    A required course to develop critical thinking and clear, effective writing. Students will demonstrate their competence through a variety of writing assignments including essays and a research paper. Successful completion of a research paper is required to pass this course. 

    ART 103 - Introduction to Studio Art
    This course will introduce students to a number of media and practices in Studio Art. Problems in drawing, design, and color media will be given. The student will become acquainted with basic studio art concepts and materials, with an emphasis on discovery and exploration. Though the course is intended for non-majors, it will count toward the Arts Elective in the General Studies: Visual Arts major.