A Day in Class - Art Critique

  • A Day in Class - Art Critique on October 18th

    Working with art instructor, John Giordano, and Literature I instructor, April Rivers, students participated in an art critique of art created for the course, in response to works of literature they had recently read.

    In preparation for this assignment, students analyzed the visual rhetoric of currency, discussing the social context of the design of currency and the historical changes in currency.  Students studied the four main ways of determine the value of art and responding to it, which include:

    1. Critical value
    2. Emotional value
    3. Principles of artistic work
    4. Skill level of the artist
    Students discussed the relationship between the emotion that art creates and the skill level of the artist, and how this relationship leads to a holistic interpretation of a piece of art.  Students focused on two questions during their critique:
    • What are the feelings that the piece evokes?
    • What is the critical value of the piece?
    To begin the art presentation, students hung their art on the walls around the room.  Professor Giordano provided students with Post-It Notes where each student wrote one-word responses to the piece and posted it near or on each piece of art.  These comments were used as a starting-point for the whole-class discussions on each piece of art.

    Following are pictures of the art and the students providing their feedback to each piece.