Procedures and Policies

  • Library Expectations

    The Amesbury High School Library is a place that belongs to students, teachers, and staff. There are rules about how you act in the library in order to help make it a pleasant and productive place for everyone to visit.

    • During blocks 1 though 4, students must have a pass to enter the library if not with a class.
    • Students using the library must be respectful of other students’ right to work in a quiet and orderly environment.
    • Please be respectful of library property and materials.
    • Only unflavored water is allowed, food is not allowed.
    • Student use of the computers and the Internet has to be school-related and appropriate.  Remember that your computer screen can be viewed at any time by the Librarians.  Don't lose your Internet privileges by accessing inappropriate sites.
    • Cell phones may not be used in the Library during the school day as per school policy EGAF Cell Phones & Portable Communication Devices found in the Student Handbook on pages 97-98.

    Library Lunch Procedure

    The library is for students who wish to have a quiet study/work area during lunch.
    Students may sign up to come to the library during his/her lunch:

    • after school the day before OR
    • from 7 a.m. to 7:57 a.m. (before first period) on the day

    Students who do not sign up ahead of time, may not come to the library during lunch.

    Students who sign up must come to the library or they will lose lunch library privileges for the following day.
    Note: NHS students are exempt from the sign up rule and may come to the library during their lunch any day upon the presentation of their NHS cards.

    The Library staff has the right to deny library privileges to students who do not comply with the rules of the library.

    Acceptable Use of Electronic Devices

    The use of electronic media such as computers, the INTERNET, e-mail, etc. is a privilege essential to learning that offers new freedoms, yet demands new responsibilities. The full policy can be found in the Student Handbook on page 22.

    District Library Policies

    The Amesbury Public Schools policies related to the library can be found on the MASC website under Policy Services - Online Manuals. Select Section I - Instruction on the left to locate the following policies:

    IIA - Selection & Reconsiderations for APS Libraries
    IIAC-E1 - Formal Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources
    IIAC-E2 - Library Bill of Rights