Senior Research Tools & Tips

  • This section contains tutorials and tools to help seniors:

    • Prepare for and select a research topic
    • Select and develop a research question
    • Use the available databases
    • Cite sources

    Preparing for Research: Selecting a Topic

    Selecting a Research Topic from Gale's Opposing Viewpoints

    Selecting a Research Question

    Tools to Help You

    Question mark 5 Steps of Research
    If you are starting your research project, you'll want to download the 5 Steps of Research to help you with the process.

    Blank Mind Map Mind Map Graphic Organizer
    If you are a visual thinker, you may want to download the Mind Map Graphic Organizer to help you when developing your research topic.

    Reporter QuestionsReporter's Tool
    Another tools that will help with developing your research topic is the Reporter's Tool.  It asks the basic Who, What, Where, When and Why when deciding on a topic.

    Citing Digital Images

    See examples of how to cite digital images as sources and a link to a video tutorial. See Citing Digital Images.